We here at Disobey wish to encourage hacker culture, and bring together like minded individuals at a gathering to share information and to train the skills our adversaries use against us. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community of creators, makers and breakers.  

We value encouragement, creativity and sharing and believe everyone can teach us something about the world. 


Cool, join us and get involved. 

Hack things, Break shit, Do stuff! 




Why disobey?

Take control of your choices without fear.
Create, shape or modify to improve what's here.
Find your own path and encourage others to find theirs.

The Hackers Creed

(Adapted from, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, Steven Levy, 1984)

  1. You can create art and beauty on a computer.
  2. Access to computers - and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works - should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hands-On imperative!
  3. All information should be free.
  4. Mistrust authority - promote decentralization.
  5. Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, gender or position.
  6. Computers can change your life for the better.

Code of Ethics

  1. Respect privacy
  2. Serve and protect the community
  3. Share knowledge with the community
  4. Act with integrity
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest
  6. Avoid FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)
  7. Protect everyones data (encryption etc.)

Everything is broken, nothing is secure.

Call for Papers

The Disobey 2017 call for papers is open, the deadline is Nov 30th 2016.

You can submit your original research, presentation or workshop idea to

We are interested in the best and most complete version of your presentation and strive to only accept awesomeness for talks. However, all submissions will receive some feedback beyond just an accepted or rejected email comment.

You can also send questions and game/puzzle ideas for our hostile network to


Submission guidelines

  1. Include the abstract and presentation material in your submission
  2. Only submit the most complete and up-to-date version, if you make changes. Re-submit before the deadline. 
  3. Disclose your ties to commercial enterprises clearly, we do not accept sales pitches.
    1. If you try to sneak in sales pitches regardless, you will be booed off stage. 
  4. If you wish to remain anonymous, tell us what nick we should attribute the submission to. 
    1. i.e. "How to solve the Disobey puzzle" by NotMyNick
  5. Keep the presentation simple and to the point, less is more. 
  6. Get creative, the event is for the community by the community.
  7. Avoid causing death by powerpoint. 
  8. For workshops, let us know what you need.
  9. Live demos are cool 
  10. Strive to educate and share knowledge

WTF is Disobey?

Disobey is a community that celebrates hacker culture with competitions, challenges, workshops and its own beer! 

You are welcome to join us to learn new skills, practice old ones or compete for bragging rights and fame.

(there may even be prizes)!  


Jan 13-14 2017 / Kattilahalli, Helsinki


Tickets are for sale in the WebShop, the event is for legal adults (18 and over) 
Hacker tickets are cheaper and can be found if you solve the puzzle.

At the door tickets will be 60€ for both days.  


  1. Tech Day
    1. Speaker schedule to be announced
  2. OpSec Day
    1. Not telling more yet

  3. Lightning talks (both days) 
    1. Short talks about anything of interest 5 - 15 min in length
    2. Only talk title needed beforehand
    3. If there's still space when the event starts, you can get a slot
    4. Seriously, anything of interest. 


  1. Disobey Challenge
    1. A puzzle that requires many techniques to solve
  2. Capture the flag
    1. Grab secrets from protected systems
  3. Bring your hack
    1. Have you made or found something cool? Come show it off! 

Workshops and things to do

  • Hostile Network 
    • Anything goes, hack everything you can find
  • N00b Network  
    • Easy targets, with friendly coaching
  • Lockpicking
  • Unconference Workshops
    • What are you interested in?
    • What would you like to do and learn together? 
    • Bring an idea, and we will facilitate a workshop for those interested

Opportunity Lounge

  • A lounge area with networking and recruitment opportunities for skilled hackers

Some Advice

  • Be yourself.  
  • Have fun
  • Bring your own disobedience (device), you'll get more out of the event. 
  • There is a limited amount of seats for the competitions, first come first serve. 
  • No suits