Who are we?

We here at Disobey wish to encourage hacker culture, and bring together like minded individuals at a gathering to share information and to train the skills our adversaries use against us. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community of creators, makers and breakers.
We value encouragement, creativity and sharing and believe everyone can teach us something about the world.


Disobey 2018 will be held at Kattilahalli in Helsinki, between 12-13.1.2018

Day 1

12.1.2018, Doors open: 12:00

  • All your encrypted computer are belong to us - Tomi Tuominen & Timo Hirvonen
  • Game Security on Android - Giovanni Rocca
  • Tales from the trenches [Redacted] - Harry Sintonen
  • Phishing through email - Niklas Särökaari
  • Pwning BIOSes 101 - K4m1
  • Reverse Engineering fine details of Game Boy hardware - Joonas Javanainen
  • Building Windows Kernel fuzzer - Jaanus Kääp
  • It's the little things - Ben Sadeghipour
  • Web attacks against AV software - Juho Nurminen

Day 2

13.1.2018, Doors open 10:00

  • The Next Revolution - Mikko Hypponen
  • How to get the best out of your bug bounty program - a view from both sides - Ed
  • Everyday OpSec for the everyman - Daniel Sundström
  • Psychological perspective on security - Topias Uotila
  • Hacker hints for developers - Donnie Werner
  • Software Developer as an attack vector - Antti Virtanen
  • How to attack randomly / A random attack - Jussi
  • Tor de-anonymization - Juha Nurmi
  • Timing Attack Information - Joona Kannisto
  • Escapology - Mikko Kenttälä & Ossi Herrala
  • Securing ACME DNS validation - Joona Hoikkala

Program might change, and is not final until the day of the event.